February 17, 2012

Better Than a Mirror

While shopping with Esther in a second hand shop, I was flipping quickly through dresses like they were pages in a magazine. I paused to consider a black shift. The overall simplicity of it was striking and allowed the careful details to shine.

"I love this," I said, calling Esther's attention to the dress. "See," I said, motioning to the slight draping at the neckline, "This detail is so interesting in contrast to the otherwise sharp lines." Flipping the dress over to look at the back, I gasped. "The tailoring is great!" I oozed. "And the darting on the back here is so thoughtful!" Esther nodded pensively.

We moved on to other areas of the store (it was not a dress I could afford) and I eventually settled on a purse (mustard yellow, Fossil) and a cream cowl neck batwing sleeve sweater (LOFT). As we were checking out, the cashier commented on the handbag. "That purse is great!" she said.

"Yeah! I love the hardware. It's subtle, you know?"

"The color is so awesome, too."

Esther fiddled with the purse on the counter and flipped it over to examine the back. "Yes," she said approvingly, "and the darting on the back is so thoughtful!" She flashed a smile at me.

We all have things that we like to talk about - things that we spend time and brain power considering, examining, and analyzing. We want to be able to sing in appreciation of our passions and make people love them as we do.

Every once in a while, though, it takes a friend who is close enough to hold up a mirror for you and allow you to see the shape of things. Sometimes you see that they're so ridiculous, these words we dress our lives in, and you can't help but laugh.

I pushed Esther playfully as we left the store and walked out into the cold Boston night. Here was the beautiful thing: this simple friendship adorned with subtle details. That other? That was just a dress.

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