January 12, 2012


It's 2012! Our last year on earth, apparently! LET'S DO IT RIGHT.

Here is my list of things to work on when I cant think of anything to do with myself (which is nearly always)(private stuff is ~~~~~):

  1. Body: 3 4,000 foot mountains
  2. Body: Ask more questions about the food I buy.
  3. Body: Be mindful of portions
  4. Body: Drink 8 glasses of water daily. Use the rubber bands.
  5. Body: Eat more green things.
  6. Body: Eat more slowly
  7. Body: Find glasses that suit me
  8. Body: Heal the foot!
  9. Body: Improve posture.
  10. Body: More weight training
  11. Body: Refill Celexa prescription with regularity. Take it daily.
  12. Body: Run 3x a week
  13. Body: Run a 10k
  14. Body: Spin class
  15. Body: Yoga once a week
  16. Career: Complete task list each week
  17. Career: Drink tea 3x / week
  18. Career: Eat lunch with people once a week
  19. Career: Have a team night out
  20. Career: Keep the lab clean
  21. Career: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  22. Career: Reply, sort, or delete e-mail more quickly.
  23. Career: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  24. Career: Stress more discreetly
  25. Career: Travel to source
  26. Creativity: Knitting night
  27. Creativity: Buy a camera
  28. Creativity: Buy a recorder
  29. Creativity: Don’t be afraid to stay up late if you’re being productive
  30. Creativity: Sew one handbag.
  31. Creativity: Knit 20 things
  32. Creativity: Send letters to your pen-pal
  33. Creativity: Try to write a poem again
  34. Creativity: Write once a week
  35. Finance: Drink out less, drink in more.
  36. Finance: Eat leftovers more.
  37. Finance: Save dividend until I find something good to do with it.
  38. Finance: Save tax return until I find something good to do with it.
  39. Finance: Stop wasting money.
  40. Finance: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  41. Mind: Do one social thing once a week, as long as it’s something I’ll enjoy.
  42. Mind: Don’t be afraid to stay up late reading.
  43. Mind: Go to the symphony/ballet/opera
  44. Mind: Lie less
  45. Mind: Practice patience.
  46. Mind: Read 20 books, whether they’re classics or not. Keep track of them.
  47. Mind: Say “yes” to 2 out of 3 new opportunities.
  48. Mind: Start journaling again
  49. Mind: Take a language class
  50. Mind: Take a design class
  51. Organization: Buy a proper needle case
  52. Organization: Clean up after I use the kitchen
  53. Organization: Declutter EVERYTHING
  54. Organization: Get a cover for the couch
  55. Organization: Keep my space cleaner
  56. Organization: Organize the stash somehow.
  57. Organization: Skype with Kathryn once a week
  58. Organization: Use Pinterest to organize inspiration
  59. Relationships: Be more available to family
  60. Relationships: Buy Tom a thoughtful birthday gift
  61. Relationships: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  62. Relationships: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  63. Relationships: Invite dad to the house for dinner
  64. Relationships: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  65. Relationships: Stop and talk to people who stop and talk to you.
  66. Relationships: Take a trip with April
  67. Relationships: Take Bear on a mystery trip
  68. Relationships: Visit grams and gramps 3x
  69. Style: buy 1 piece of jewelry a month from a thrift store
  70. Style: Buy 13 new accessories, 10 of which aren’t scarves.
  71. Style: buy 5 pieces for wardrobe inspired by Pinterest picks
  72. Style: Buy less impulsively, style more.
  73. Style: Buy shoes that I can wear all day that look good.
  74. Style: Buy simple layer pieces that pop
  76. Style: Get clothes tailored / fixed / dry-cleaned that need to be
  77. Style: Memorize all 37 scarf tying methods
  78. Style: Own a set of pajamas.
  79. Style: Simplify and find favorite extras (liquid eyeliner, eye shadow palette, lip stain)
  80. Style: Simplify and find favorite nightly/daily beauty products
  81. Sustainability: always carry shopping bags
  82. Sustainability: No paper cups
  83. Sustainability: use travel mug more
  84. Sustainability: Better cosmetics
  85. Whimsy: Adventure out of the state
  86. Whimsy: Camping with Kathryn and others
  87. Whimsy: Encyclopedia Hysterica
  88. Whimsy: Get a pedi with someone
  89. Whimsy: Learn how to do a back walk-over
  90. Whimsy: Listen to music in the background more.
  91. Whimsy: Rent a fancy car to go somewhere fancy (maybe to tea!)
  92. Whimsy: Send flowers to mom/ Nancy/ Gramma N./ Gramma L./ Kris once each this year
  93. Whimsy: Spa day with ladyfriend
  94. Whimsy: Start a window herb garden
  95. Whimsy: Take a ballet class
  96. Whimsy: Tea at the Viking
  97. Whimsy: Have folks over for brunch as often as possible
  98. Whimsy: Try 100 new foods
  99. Whimsy: Try 6 new restaurants
  100. Whimsy: Visit museums in Providence
I will let you know how it goes! Woo! I WILL NEVER BE BORED AGAIN.

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