January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th: Time for Tarot!

I don’t know if you know this about me but on top of being generally awesome and interesting I also read and interpret the tarot. I could talk to you for hours about how I feel about them, but the elevator speech is this: I don’t think they’re mystical at all. To me, they’re more directed meditation on an issue in your life. I don’t think anyone should live and die by a reading or that you should feel cheated if the “predicted” outcome doesn’t come true.

Can it be spooky? Yeah. It can seem like the reader knows your innermost thoughts and feelings, but that’s because as you’re having your cards read you are actually paying attention to if those thoughts and feelings are accurate. A reading can help untangle the threads of a problem and face what’s underneath.

Sometimes it’s hard to read my own cards. Sometimes I like to let the internet do it for me! The internet is great, you guys. I use this website with the Llewellyn deck and a celtic cross spread. You might not know what that means, and that’s ok! But I wanted to interpret my reading here because what I found lurking underneath my own top layer was intriguing.

It tells you to ask a question to yourself that you’re grappling with and I asked the following: “Will I ever get a job as a writer?”

Here we go.

1. Position: Cover
Represents: Where I am in relation to the situation
Card: Page of Wands

This card means I'm open to new situations. It's a card of flexibility. Currently I find myself wondering where the future will take me (will we move to Austin? Will I ever be a writer?), and this means I'm open to whatever might happen.

2. Position: Cross
Represents: Positive forces acting in my favor
Card: The Chariot

Ambition! Harnessing energy! Apparently I've got stars in my eyes. To me this means I've been dreaming big recently and can see the potential. I'm in a place where if I wanted to, I could gather the energy to pursue something big.

3. Position: Beneath
Represents: A message from "the higher self". What lies beneath the exterior.
Card: The Four of Cups

Doubt. I feel at a loss as to what can be done about my situation. Sure, there's potential! I've got potential flying out of my butt at high speeds! But that doesn't mean I know what direction to take or where to start.

4. Position: Crown
Represents: Past events; what led to wondering about the situation in the first place.
Card: Queen of Pentacles

Court cards can be cool because they can represent actual people. In this case, a female role-model in my business world. I've been treated well at my job and they have pushed me to become more adept at what I do but not necessarily to be more creative in my work. This has led me to look to other options, like a writing career. Not out of the need to leave a career I hate, but out of the need to push myself further.

5. Position: Behind
Represents: My emotional undercurrent. Unlike the Beneath card, this is all about basic emotion coloring the situation.
Card: The Lovers, Reversed

Longing and frustration. I'm tired of waiting for something to happen that will get me where I need to be.

6. Position: Before
Represents: My relationships with others
Card: Five of Cups

Unfulfilled dreams. I'm disappointed that the networks I live in haven't presented the opportunities I've been hoping for. I've stopped seeing the potential in networking relationships and haven't made any new ones in a while. I might be wallowing a little.

7. Position: Self
Represents: My psychological state and attitude.
Card: Six of Pentacles

Pentacles tend to represent material wealth. I'm open to receiving help. If I were reading this for someone else, I might tell them that the help may come in the form of being supported while they pursue a writing career. But I would not let that happen in my own life. See why it can be hard to read your own cards?

8. Position: House
Represents: My environment and unseen forces influencing the situation.
Card: Six of Cups Reversed

I'm in pleasant company. There are friends surrounding me, even if I don't see them. I am supported by those I love.

9. Position: Hopes and Fears
Represents: My hopes and fears. Duh.
Card: The magician

Freedom and self-rule. One of my longest running hopes is to be self-employed eventually, and this points directly to that. This card also represents talent. I desperately hope that I will someday be a good enough writer to make something work.

10: Position: Outcome
Represents: The outcome of the matter.
Card: Nine of Pentacles Reversed.

Oh dear. Public humiliation by an opportunist? Using others to boost one's self esteem?! BROKEN PROMISES?! COME ON. Ok, I get it. While there are some great things going on in this reading (loving support network, lots of energy), if I take advantage of them or get bogged down by the negatives, things won't work out like I hope. I should avoid the pitfalls of easy opportunity and easy trust. "Go slow, be careful, work hard" seems to be the message of this card.

There you have it. The reading didn't tell me anything I didn't know, but it gave me direction and something to think about.

I'm available for showers and bah mitzvahs. Tell your friends!

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