October 25, 2011

Sick Food

Highly specific cravings I'm having while on the couch with some ache-centric version of a cold:

- Caramelized onions
- Sourdough from Seven Stars Bakery
- Peach cobbler from my gramma
- Whole Foods Raspberry flavored sparkling mineral water
- Kimchi

I can't imagine what it will be like if I ever get pregnant. Screw pickles and ice cream, I'll probably want fig and goat cheese pizza. No, not that goat cheese. Also, you bought the wrong figs again. How did you not know that I only eat black mission figs? I mean, really, Turkish figs?! YOU DON'T LOVE ME.

October 04, 2011


We went apple picking.

As you can see, it was absolutely no fun at all.

All photos © Hope Kolly, who was also having no fun while picking apples.