September 26, 2011


So I was going post about my ridiculous but always awesome living situation but then I overextended my shoulder in yoga and screw you, I'm tired.

So instead, I took this:

And made this outfit set inspired by it:


September 23, 2011

Emerald City Date


I never know how to tie a scarf. There's a whole website dedicated to educating me but somehow it all just comes out wrong. Today I'm wearing a silk scarf that's kind of stiff and not very drapey, so NOTHING IS WORKING.

First I tried to just kind of pile it on my neck:

Which wasn't awful, but what is with those pokey ends? And if I tucked them in they looked just as strange. So I simplified!

Aaaaand it was boring. BORING. Where's the umph? Where's the sartorial consideration? Where's the form? So I bowed it up!

Not bad? But kind of... a giant bow. Which is not my thing but maybe it COULD be my thing! Maybe I am the girl who always wears a bow? I liked it the best so far, but then. Then! INSPIRATION.

Old timey, crotechety lady with a toothache inspiration. FASHION.

September 22, 2011

Later, dude!

So that's summer gone. I'm totally okay with that! Even though hikes in my hometown during which I see horses and broken down buses grazing in the same field are totally awesome, I will not miss drowning in New England humidity. Plus I am sure the horses and buses will be there next year. Anyway, ask me in February how I'm feeling about humidity, because by then I will be all I DON'T CARE IF I HAVE HAIR WINGS FOREVER JUST MAKE THE GREY GO AWAY.

But right now it's all pumpkins! And masala chai! And wait. Why is it 76 degrees today? Too hot. TOO HOT. I can't comfortably drink hot toddies in this weather and therefore I want nothing to do with it. So, I leave you with this:

This bear will probably spend the whole of autumn gathering leaves for winter, but I suggest you do something more fun. Unless you are a bear! In which case WHY ARE YOU ON THE INTERNET.