September 23, 2011


I never know how to tie a scarf. There's a whole website dedicated to educating me but somehow it all just comes out wrong. Today I'm wearing a silk scarf that's kind of stiff and not very drapey, so NOTHING IS WORKING.

First I tried to just kind of pile it on my neck:

Which wasn't awful, but what is with those pokey ends? And if I tucked them in they looked just as strange. So I simplified!

Aaaaand it was boring. BORING. Where's the umph? Where's the sartorial consideration? Where's the form? So I bowed it up!

Not bad? But kind of... a giant bow. Which is not my thing but maybe it COULD be my thing! Maybe I am the girl who always wears a bow? I liked it the best so far, but then. Then! INSPIRATION.

Old timey, crotechety lady with a toothache inspiration. FASHION.

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